So, How Was China?: A Journey of Growth and Purpose

“How was China?” many people ask this after seeing my social media posts overviewing this unforgettable opportunity.

My response typically goes something like, “Great. Frustrating. Humbling. Eye Opening. Overwhelming.”

Overall, I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel east to China and become better. China – where everything centers around the country’s massive 1.4 billion population and lots of bikes, scooters, people walking, and cars – taught me so much. It’s also safe to say that in this country, which was brand new to me, not many people looked like me. lol.

I traveled to Beijing to work with my long-time friend, Dr. Raphael Moffett, the Chief Student Affairs Officer of Schwarzman College. Our work was an extension of the University’s leadership series, offered to 145 scholars worldwide. While in China, I facilitated a seminar, observed other leadership sessions, engaged with the scholars, fellowshipped with faculty, played basketball, visited the Great Wall, toured the Imperial Palace, enjoyed barbecue, visited a local church, and spent time with Dr. Moffett and his family (Raphael, Aisha, and K).

Since returning home, I’ve reflected on all that the Lord would have me to remember and share with my Resurgence Leadership Foundation family:

First Lesson: Expand your thinking to equip leaders differently. Being with emerging global leaders challenged me to reevaluate my thoughts regarding my leadership development strategies through Resurgence. The rest of the world doesn’t think like the West, and faith-fueled entrepreneurs and leaders must be exposed to different ideas to serve everyone with dignity, respect, and care.

Second Lesson: RLF’s Young Commanders initiative can thrive wherever young men are present. I had the chance to spend time with Dr. Moffett’s son, K, eating, riding in the car, watching movies, and discussing various topics. He taught me things about China, and I encouraged him to be Responsible, Accountable, and Dependable – the pillars of Young Commanders. By the time I left, I had made K an honorary Young Commander. This will allow us to talk each week as I support him in becoming a better man.

Third Lesson: Always strive to bring God’s Kingdom here on earth. This lesson can be summed up by the prayer Jesus taught his disciples, “Thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10).”

One day, while in China, I asked the Lord to help me understand why He brought me to China. You wouldn’t know unless you visit that every person needs to have a Registration Form of Temporary Residence to stay at the college. As I was pondering the question, I looked at my form, and my mind was drawn to Hebrews 13:14-16 (CEB):

“We don’t have a permanent city here, but rather we are looking for the city that is still to come. So let’s continually offer up a sacrifice of praise through him, which is the fruit from our lips that confess his name. Don’t forget to do good and to share what you have because God is pleased with these kinds of sacrifices.”

Immediately, I understood that when I gave my life to Jesus Christ in 1983, I exchanged my residency from Earth to the Kingdom of God. At that moment, Jesus gave me a Residency Form of Temporary Residence so that I could do my part in doing the Lord’s will on earth. WOW! Whether I’m in Georgia, Colorado, London, Beijing, or Nairobi, RLF’s focus must remain on the Kingdom – doing good through our mentoring initiatives, sharing what we know as leadership consultants, and continually offering up praise through Jesus.

So, “How was China?” you ask … Good for my soul and clarifying to my calling.


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