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Mentor Certification

The aim of mentor certification is to adequately prepare volunteer mentors to establish an effective relationship with their mentee or mentees all while using the components of the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring or the Gold Standard of mentoring.

This is a 4 hour (virtual) training will be deliver on an open enrollment basis. We are also able work with mentoring organization to deliver this training around the flexible to the availability of your schedule.

This training is for those who would like to become a youth mentor, implement a mentoring program or an organizational leader of a youth mentoring program.

Course Benefits
This training event will improve your youth mentoring program by:

  • Providing on-demand, convenient training
  • Reducing the number of early closures
  • Increasing the strength and length of relationships


Mentor Academy

The Mentor Academy is designed to provide virtual gatherings in which a group of participants engage in robust conversations and take part in practical activities that will enable them to continue being an effective mentor.

Our continual training courses enable mentors to:

  • Reinforce their basic knowledge and develop the required skills to strengthen the mentoring relationship, and
  • acquire additional knowledge and skills to meet changes such as using innovative strategies and technology, dealing with mental health concerns, and addressing others issues youth are facing.


Contact: Latoria Jones @ ymc.training@resurgencelf.co


At the Resurgence Leadership Foundation, we believe that every student deserves to have amentor. Currently, 1 in 3 young people will grow up without a mentor.

To address this issue, we have developed the Youth Mentoring Collaborative (YMC). The YMC strengthen the mentoring relationship by providing program assessment, mentor certification, and capacity building to enhance the mentoring program’s effectiveness with mentors and mentees.

The Youth Mentoring Collaborative is a network of faith-based and faith-led organizations striving to transform the lives of students through mentoring.

Members of the network receive coaching, coordination of signature events, certification of mentors. and assistance with program development.

Contact: Bianca Singleton @ ymc@resurgencelf.co

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