Impact Story: Social Enterprise Academy

What started as a trusted advisor-advisee relationship between Art Williams and Resurgence Leadership Foundation President Cornelius Williams has grown into a mission and other connections far beyond the goal set out by the pair when their journey first began. One of these connections is the evolving advisor-advisee relationship Corn shares with Scott Lundeen, the returning CEO of the iSSACHAR Center for Urban Leadership.

Founded in 1998, iSSACHAR curates space that values health, sustainability, and self-awareness for Urban Christian Leaders based in Denver, Colorado. The center recently shifted to serve Christian leaders from 18 to executives by offering support at every stage of their leadership journey. Scott joins Art Williams, the iSSACHAR CEO before Scott, in crediting Resurgence Leadership Foundation (RLF) President Cornelius for being instrumental in shaping them as leaders. This leadership evolution has contributed to the success and community impact in Denver created by iSSACHAR initiatives.

Luckily for leaders across the nation, Cornelius has found a way to offer this leadership coaching and accompaniment through RLF’s new Social Enterprise Academy. The nonprofit provides a formal method for more leaders to experience the monumental development and growth that Scott and Art have experienced throughout their careers. Through the Social Enterprise Academy, RLF partners with organizations to advise social entrepreneurs and accelerate social enterprise. The academy’s curriculum is based on the RLF president’s 20+ years of leadership development experience and the accredited RLF training team.

“No two organizations nor leaders are the same, so we seek to understand their needs and offer solutions that will enable them to flourish,” shared Cornelius. This intentional customization sets the Social Enterprise Academy apart from similar programs. 

Not only will RLF’s Social Enterprise Academy make available the same influential leadership acceleration and accompaniment that Art and Scott experience, it will also equip leaders to meet social challenges across communities. This ripple effect of positive change will serve the stewardship needs of the 86% of millennials who believe that success is not determined by profit but by corporate responsibility and positive change. 


Accelerate & Accompany’ in Action

“Corn has supported in many ways– advising, giving counsel, being available, and taking the call. Corn just provides a stable space amid leadership challenges,” shared Scott as he detailed the turning over of CEO power at the iSSACHAR center.  

Scott also found support through Corneluis’ gift of connecting and bridging the gap for leaders to invaluable resources. Corn linked Scott with advisor and friend of RLF, David Park, to participate in a Business Model Canvas exercise, which informed Scott of personal and professional moves to make. Scott vividly remembers when Corn took the time to personally walk a young leader through a purpose-planning session. Complete with a whiteboard for brainstorming and the discernment to help direct the Christian Leader, Scott saw Corn’s humility and experience positively impact a budding leader. 

“That kind of thing of walking together to help leaders get clarity on their work and what they’re called to do was a great moment,” Scott said.

Of Cornelius’ transformational leadership development offerings, Art pinpointed Cornelius’ gift of “relentless reciprocity” and humility that set him apart from other leadership coaches, and that will set the Social Enterprise Academy apart from other development programs. In addition to helping with tangible contract negotiations, Art credited Corn’s leadership with where he is – professionally and spiritually.

“Corn has a way to encourage, empower and remind you that you can jump higher, run faster, do all the things,” Art shared as he acknowledged how Corn’s guidance and quiet strength helped him to process decisions over the last four years. “I don’t know if I would’ve been able to do it without significant leaders in my life like Corn that helped me get here.” 

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