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Our team will work with organizations and leaders to devise a tailored plan that involves concentrated learning, activities and resources that lends expertise in areas that will lead to addressing communities problems in a non-charitable way. We facilitate trainings through several channels.

(A)  Propel Groups

One of the primary jobs of a leader is to grow leaders.  Propel Groups are where leaders learn principles which become habits that drive transformation. We build on  our 30+ years of experience of working collaboratively to create room for new and existing Christian leaders positioned to improve lives.

We collaborate with Christian organizations to take a cohort of participants through agreed upon materials over the course of 6, 9, or 12 months.

(B)  Canvas for Change

The fruit of clarity is action. David Park and Cornelius Williams will offer two (2) 60-minute facilitated sessions, individuals and teams will use the Business Model Canvas to map out values, the customer base, how you deliver value to them, and the related details of financing your vision on a single page.  

(C)  Nterchange

Informed intentionality is the wiser way to move forward. As individuals navigate the unique challenges of solopreneurship, running small nonprofit or working in isolation within a large organization.

We created Nterchange to navigate through this difficulty of the initial phase by providing access to community, business design resources, tools, peer mentorship, and advisement.


Advising is a partnership between the individual and the Leader in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the Leader to maximize personal and professional potential.

It is designed to facilitate the creation of personal, professional, or business goals and to design a plan for achieving those goals. Advising typically is facilitated in one of two ways.

(1) The one-on-one format virtually or in person for 4, 6, or 9 months. The individual will work with the advisor to establish the frequency of the 60-minute meeting and will also have access via email during business hours. 

(2) It also can be a part of a cohort based strategy where an organization will identify several individuals to go through agreed upon content and work with an advisor to maximize learning.


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